About us

Articol GrosspoldThe Guest House Grosspold is located in the Saxon village named Apoldu de Sus, in an area with incredible landscapes with thick forests and steep hill between hiding sheepfold, pastures and hunting houses.

Here, each room has its own story. So, you come on holiday and get the key to a realm apart, which taste the soul. You can choose from a sumptuous space, one romantic, another idyllic and so on, each attracts you dreaming. What you could want more than a jacuzzi in a sensual purple and gold decor, enlight by a crystal chandelier? Or delicate prints on the sheets, folds and fine fabrics bedroom for incurable romantics, at the candlelights?

Breakfast can be enjoyed daily on our restaurant, also the lunch and/or dinner, which includes a bar. The nearest grocery store is 20 meters from the property.

The property has air-conditioned and free WiFi access in public areas, a garden with terrace and a restaurant with bar. In front of the property are free public parking spaces.

The Guests can relax in the garden, terrace or hiking or biking on the routes around the property.

We speak your language!